Flat Iron Winter - 38x20 inches ny gift

Flat Iron Winter - 38x20 inches ny gift


Original Photography transferred by Hand on to Wood coming from certified sustainable tree farms.

Photography and Designs are all my originals inspired on the iconic New York City subway signs design style and New York City Landscape.

I Make them in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY ( I take appointments by private message if you are interested in visiting the studio )

and their size is 4 inches wide by 15 inches long with a thickness of 1/2 inch.

I use decoupage, and screen printing techniques to transfer the image of my designs onto the wood. Once transfer dries I add a thin layer of clear varnish to give a bit of a shine and protect the image on the piece. Once dry I sand the borders of the wood to give the round corners and the wood finished borders.

All pieces include Sawtooth picture frame hangers installed in the back as shown in the photos for people to be
able to easily hang it on their walls if wanted, they also come sign and dated by the artist ( me!! ).

My name is Nicolas Gabot and I am the owner of the Brooklyn Art Factory a small decoration business without any permanent showcase location.
i have a studio in my house and make markets, pop-ups, and craft fairs to sell my art for the last 6 years. With a background in photography and design, I try creating a small business that tries to bring a sense of belonging to all those people that thought that nobody thinks of their neighborhood. By making signs or taking photos that i will make into wooden pieces I try to represent every single neighborhood of NY even the ones people think no one is going to know.
Every neighborhood gets to be represented and if I haven't made anything about your neighbor , talk to me about It :)

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