Last man standing - 38x24inches


Shipping to United States: $11.75

'For a costume set with different images buy the set and let me know wich ones you want'

About the artwork:

All of my artwork is based on my original photography i do photo transfers on wood then i add water colors and screen printing if is necessary in order to enhance image quality and get better colors out of the transfer, all pieces are made on texturized plywood to add character in to the piece , they are also hand sanded to achieve a soft to the eye finishing....

Note: all pieces include hook on the back so they are ready to hang

About the photo:

'Last man standing'..... Huacachina, PerĂº, 2015.... This photo is one of the most important parts of a bonding trip after not seeing my older brother for 7 years, i took it right after my brother and i have to show support and patience after an unexpected problem on our way up the top of the dune