Statue of liberty//Photography NYC // Art // Hand Crafted // Made on Wood // Ny gift

Statue of liberty//Photography NYC // Art // Hand Crafted // Made on Wood // Ny gift


I make handcrafted wood signs from responsibly sourced, certified wood harvested from sustainable tree farms. My unique designs draw inspiration from the vibrant neighborhoods and iconic landmarks of New York City, infusing each creation with a touch of the city's soul.

I employ precise decoupage techniques to bring my original designs to life on wood, ensuring every detail is faithfully captured. Following the transfer process, a delicate layer of clear varnish is applied, lending a lustrous finish that enhances the aesthetics and safeguards against daily wear and tear. We finish each piece by expertly sanding the borders to create gracefully rounded corners, adding to the overall polished appearance.

For your convenience, each sign is equipped with sawtooth picture frame hangers on the back, making hanging a breeze. To mark our creations' authenticity, I personally sign and date every sign.

With a background in photography and design, I've devoted the past 7 years to crafting these unique pieces of decorational art. My mission is simple yet profound – to evoke a sense of belonging in every corner of New York City, even those lesser-known neighborhoods that hold their own unique magic. I firmly believe that every neighborhood contributes to the vibrant tapestry of this city.

I appreciate your interest in our work. If you wish to experience my artistry firsthand, please contact me via private message or email to schedule a studio visit.

Each piece is handcrafted and, hence, unique. Prints won’t have the same exact color or the same textures as seen in the pictures. they differ slightly from piece to piece.

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love it. meets all expectations. ordered a second item.

Beautiful! Now I have my very own Lady Liberty. Thank you for your artistry.

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